If you desperately pined for proof that the United States-led coalition’s aerial offensive against ISIS (Islamic State, IS, ISIL, Daesh, etc.) is in full effect, the following footage is your late Christmas gift.

According to reports, both the American carrier USS Harry S. Truman and its French counterpart Charles de Gaulle are launching aircraft making for nonstop, 24-hour sorties in both Iraq and Syria, and it’s no joke.

This is the U.S. super carrier prepping a F/A-18F for an attack, at night. The weapons are visible and significant.

This from one of our previous blog posts:

Since the U.S. military started an air campaign against the Islamic State 17 months ago, it has dropped 28,000 bombs and conducted 8,600 air strikes. These thousands of bombs have killed, roughly, 20,000 members of ISIS.

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