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Not long ago, Jalen Robinette was trying to adjust to the rigorous tests of Jacks Valley, and his transition to the United States Air Force Academy.

“That’s kind of like one of those situations where we have to hit the ground running and that’s exactly what I had to do,” the wide receiver told a reporter for the Denver Broncos’ website. “It was definitely a huge culture shock, being yelled at, putting a uniform on every day — just everything you did, they watched you [and] observed you from head to toe.”

A few years later — after a standout four-year career in Colorado Springs — he finds himself on the cusp of being a professional football player, and having his physical abilities assessed by scouts and other National Football League insiders at their annual Combine.

Here’s the Ohio native running the famed 40-yard dash:

Traditionally, a 24-month active duty assignment was mandatory for all graduates of service academies. Recently, however, the Pentagon updated that policy, allowing those with a chance to play professional sports to fulfill the requirement in the reserve.

As a member of the Gyrafalcons in 2014, Robinette had 43 receptions and 806 yards in 13 games.

“I think when we’re thrown into the fire here at the Combine with all the media, the meetings, the drug tests, all the measurements and everything, it’s definitely a test of how much patience you have,” he said. “and I think with all the training I went through, I definitely developed a way to handle that and stay calm under stressful situations.”