Sometimes a big problem can be solved with a small solution.

In Kansas City, Missouri, the Veterans Community Project has set out to build a community of tiny houses for homeless veterans, many of who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

This veterans’ community will be built on land purchased for $500, and many of those participating in the project attended a workshop given by Zack Giffen from the TV show, Tiny House Nation.

According to a report by Parade, the project hopes to do more than just provide shelter for these homeless vets:

“Just giving them a home doesn’t fix everything,” says Bryan Meyer, another former Marine and the project’s legal officer.

The program will include a community center and on-site counselors to create individualized treatment plans, teaching recovery from homelessness and addressing the causes that may stem from mental illness, addiction and other issues.

Living in a tiny house has a lot of potential benefits for veterans with PTSD. The smaller space is easy to control, and gives vets both privacy and autonomy.

Group shelters can be crowded and overstimulating, which isn’t always a healthy environment for someone with PTSD. The tiny house community can also better accommodate both male and female veterans in the same location, which is not always possible in group shelters.

The need for these communities is highlighted in this touching video by Veterans Community Project, allowing homeless vets to talk about their experiences.

“It’s engrained in your brain in the military that you leave no one behind,” says founder, Kevin Jamison. “And I’m sitting out there walking on the streets, walking under the bridges, and in the woods with these guys, and I’m seeing all these people left behind.”

The current construction plans are to have 10 homes ready by August, and then continue building until there are 50 in total.

Each tiny house is 240 square feet and has a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bed.

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