Eighty-year-old Tod “Doc” Mishler, former United States Navy bombardier flight navigator, bail bondsman and university professor — who turned cowboy after claiming God sent him on a mission to help starving kids — was arrested Thursday after riding his horse across the Outerbridge Crossing from New Jersey to Staten Island, New York earlier in the week.

According to the New York City Police Department, the charges against him are still “pending” (they wouldn’t specify exactly what they were).

This from the Associated Press:

Animal advocate Christine Whaley leads a group called “Stop Doc Mishler” whose members say Mishler neglects his horses.

His two horses were seized Tuesday for veterinary examinations.

On Monday, Mishler was issued a court summons for blocking traffic and trespassing after he rode one horse and led another across the bridge. He couldn’t be reached for comment Tuesday.

So the vet stopped traffic for a little while. Big whoop. The charges shouldn’t be anything to worry about (sounds like they won’t anyway). He’ll have a few sarsaparillas and be back on the dusty trail in no time.

Guess it does prove one thing, however: a trusty steed is no longer all you need to go from sea from shining sea.