New information from the feared National Security Agency (NSA) leaker/Booz Allen Hamilton contractor/former United States Navy officer is pouring into the national media’s hungry hippo mouth like scrumptious jumbo morsels, and fortunately, not all of it’s bad.

Like one of the latest Daily Beast reports that suggests — based on existing evidence — that the suspect, veteran Hal Martin, didn’t “steal” the classified materials for leaking purposes but rather to get a better grade on a dissertation he was composing as a student at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Martin, who served twelve years including a stint on the USS Seattle — one of the initial ships to dock in the Gulf War during Saddam Hussein’s infamous invasion of Kuwait in 1990 — was a Surface Warfare Officer.

More from the Beast:

Former intelligence officials, who said they aren’t familiar with Martin’s case, suggested he may have brought the material home to use as research for his PhD studies. “It’s conceivable given what he was working on that he might have used the [classified] material for research,” a former official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The university’s director of communications, Dinah Winnick, confirmed to The Daily Beast that Martin, 51, is a PhD student in the Information Systems program but said the school had no further comment.

It’s not known where Martin’s PhD work related to his work at the NSA, which focused on offensive cyber operations. But his description at the school’s Interactive Systems Research Center said Martin was looking at “new methods for remote analysis of heterogeneous & cloud computing architectures.” He presented a paper on the topic with his dissertation committee chair at a conference in Seattle in 2014.

Martin, a Maryland native, has not yet been slapped with any espionage or “attempting to provide classified information to a third party or a foreign government” charges.