Under any other circumstances, having a photograph of a puppy (presumably your puppy, we hope) in your wallet would warrant “awwws”. Unfortunately, however, in the case of United States Army Specialist John Garrett Brown, 24, stationed at Fort Bragg? It’s a matter of punishment. The legal consequence of a detestable event.

A judge ordered Brown to do so. Because, you see, the eight-month-old puppy in the photo? Was the labrador mix named Riley he drowned two years ago by tying its feet to its snout “with military parachute cord” and throwing it into a pond.

On Tuesday, he was sentenced after he plead guilty earlier to felony animal cruelty.

This from the Army Times:

Superior Court Judge Jim Ammons sentenced Burrow to 30 days in jail and 100 hours of community service. He must carry Riley’s photo in his wallet for two years, WTVD reported.

Burrow apologized in court, saying he has no excuse for killing Riley. A charge of accessory after the fact is pending against his wife, Kelsey.

“Im sorry,” Burrow said, according to a report in the Fayetteville Observer. “So very sorry, and sorry to Riley. I did love Riley. I did love that dog. I have no excuse.”

If that’s love, we don’t want to know what hate is.