The Dollar Shave Club just got a new ally in its longstanding war against stubble, allowing it to donate high-quality razors and shaving butter to American troops all over the world.

A clean shaven face is standard among active-duty service members, but sometimes troops are deployed in areas that don’t have shaving cream or fresh razors on hand. Sometimes, local cultures value great, big, bushy beards over smooth cheeks and thus don’t sell razors. Other times, military stores simply run out of stock.

Whatever the cause, thousands of men and women stationed abroad wind up more stubbly than they (or their superiors) like.

The Dollar Shave Club (DSC) started address rampant five o’clock shadow within the American military in 2014. Marine Joshua Melton reached out to DSC to make a bulk purchase of razors for a unit stationed in Afghanistan. Instead, DSC offered to donate the entire order.

Melton described what happened in a Facebook post that has now been shared more than 783,000 times:

Just got a package from Dollar Shave Club. I emailed them to see if we could buy bulk razors for some troops in Afghanistan that are on a FOB that’s losing it’s PX/BX store. They told me they would not sell them to me because they wanted to donate them. Today we received 73 4-packs of their 3 blade razors with handles and shave butter, as well as 60 extra shave butters. In addition, they sent 160 individual body wipes, along with a handwritten letter from the CEO to the troops.

Please like and share so that this awesome company knows how much their donation is appreciated!! #DollarShaveClub

Since that viral post, DSC has received thousands of requests for razor donations from the military community. To meet that demand, DSC is now partnering with USO to deliver its razors, shaving butter and body wipes to troops in need.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with The USO to donate DSC razors and grooming supplies to the thousands deployed around the world. To the brave men and women in uniform, we thank you for your service and hope you enjoy your shave.