A little over two weeks ago, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) ruled United States Army combat veteran Isaiah Brock ineligible to attend Oakland University in Michigan, on a basketball scholarship (read the entire story here).

The organization cited bad high school transcripts as the reason for the denial, despite a “qualifying standardized test score.”

But, thanks to the institution, an effective appeals process and — most of all — a ton of publicity that flashed a bright hot spotlight on the controversial matter, Brock has officially had a reversal of fortune.

This from Bleacher Report:

A 6’8″ forward, Brock will have four years of eligibility remaining.

Oakland athletic director Jeff Konya told Parrish the following:

“I don’t want to speak for the NCAA, but I think they put an emphasis on Isaiah Brock in 2011 and what his credentials at that time would suggest. But Isaiah Brock in 2016 is a different person. He’s taken college courses and passed them with a 3.0. So if the issue is that he’s not prepared academically to do college work, I’d argue the proof is in the pudding.”

“Isaiah went and fought so that organizations like the NCAA can exist, and he did so in a way that he’s now a decorated military veteran,” Konya said. “It’s a great story. And hopefully it has a happy ending. Hopefully common sense wins the day.”

Looks like it has, at long last.

The Oakland Golden Grizzlies open up at home against Bowling Green on November 11.