Last Thursday, the United States Coast Guard disseminated some tragic news. Despite a wide, intense search, a missing kayaker last seen off the coast of Maine wasn’t found, and the efforts to continue were “suspended”, after “exhausting all search possibilities” — according to the Associated Press.

But that hopelessness turned on a dime, as the sad narrative abruptly pivoted to joy.

This, again, via the AP:

The Coast Guard tweeted on Thursday that the man had been found alive. No further information about his status was available.

The service said the man sent a “mayday” broadcast three times over the radio at about 10:15 am Wednesday.

The service says it believes the man fell out of his kayak and is in the vicinity of Bois Bubert Island. The Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard and Maine Marine Patrol searched a more than 450 square mile area for more than 18 hours.

Check this post for any further updates on this still-developing story.