The United States Air Force is taking on the United States Navy, for a chair, in Washington, DC.

In a way.

To be a lot more specific, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel from Virginia Beach announced that he plans to run against a freshman member of the House of Representatives, a former Navy SEAL sniper who currently serves on the Hill for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District.

More from the Washington Post:

Democrat Dave Belote announced his candidacy Wednesday. The 54-year-old former fighter pilot will try to unseat freshman Republican Congressman Scott Taylor in 2018.

Belote said he’ll focus on creating jobs and protecting programs like Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. He opposes the Republican proposal in Congress to replace the Affordable Care Act.

Taylor sits on the powerful House Appropriations Committee. In November, he easily won the district, which is along Virginia’s coastline and has large populations of veterans and service members.

Here’s Taylor giving an interview with the Washington Examiner, explaining his background and detailing his military service: