When you usher in a bunch of B-2 Spirit stealth bombers (with nuclear capabilities) — that own the callsigns “DEATH 11” and “DEATH 12” respectively — into a longtime forward staging base for United States Air Force strategic assets in the United Kingdom (Royal Air Force Base Fairford) and have them join other fighters, tanks and warships in the area then you might be readying for something serious.

And that something serious might involve America and other European allies flexing their collective muscles … right in the fanatical grill of Putin’s Russia in its enormous Eurasian purview.

Sure, there is the large BALTOPS ’15 training exercise taking place in the Baltic Sea (that just so happen to involve active surveillance aircraft) as well as the U.S. Army’s own version known as “Saber Strike”. But they’re all hovering over Russia’s doorstep, while simultaneously you have the President of the United States at the G7 summit in Germany speaking like this:

“The G7 is making it clear that if necessary we stand ready to impose additional significant sanctions against Russia.”

He followed up with a remark that the oft-bare-chested leader is doing so in the name of “recreating the glories of the Soviet Empire”.

And remember, B-2’s are B-2’s. They’re not to be “f’ed” with, and come with a reputation that would make Keyser Soze look like Barney Fife.

Case in point, here.