This is the F-35B Lightning II showing off and doing its thing at sea aboard the USS Wasp during its first operational testing (OT-1) as the premiere fighter of the United States military (this time as a Marine aircraft).

Its pretty intoxicating to watch — especially if you’re a devout military aviation nut. And you don’t even have to wait long for the jet to impress when you press “play”. Right from the get-go it hovers down to the ship’s deck like some magical iron dragonfly and readies to flex its state-of-the-art muscles for the camera (the footage was taken by PFC Remington Hall and Cpl. Anne K. Henry) and all those onboard.


But let’s face it: while the jet is mesmerizing and no doubt impressive, for the trillion and a half dollars it took to develop? Yeah, it better be good.

And remember, this is still early on in the testing process. The jury isn’t even close to being out just yet.

This from the source of the video, on the just what they (the USMC) are trying to accomplish:

OT-1 of the F-35B evaluated and assessed the integration of the F-35B into Marine Corps aviation while operating across different flight, maintenance and logistical operations that are seen in the Marine Corps’ operating forces.

Over a two-week period, the Marine Corps will evaluate the full spectrum of F-35B’s measures of suitability and effectiveness, as well as the aircraft’s readiness for initial operating capability in July 2015.

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