Remember this Scud missile depot explosion from last month? That was blew sky-high after being hit by Saudi-led airstrikes intended for Houthi rebels?

Well, it happened again. And this time the fireball was even bigger — and brighter.

It damn near resembles a mini-mushroom cloud. See it above for yourself.

Speculation is that the big bang and resulting flames were the result of it being a munitions or fuel storage site, which would explain the grand illumination of the secondary exothermic reactions.

Originally a possession of the Yemeni government, the Houthi rebels inherited the depots when they took over the western half of the country. They’re mostly made up of gravity bombs and the aforementioned Scuds. And while the rebels don’t possess the capability of using the arms for their intended use, they’ve figured out ways to utilize them as improvised explosives and weapons.

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