Ever wonder what happens when you pit a F/A-18 Hornet jet against a Chevy Corvette in a drag race?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you pit a 98-year-old man in a cage match with a professional heavyweight boxer? Have you ever wondered what happens when you drop an aircraft carrier anchor on the house your daughter made you out of popsicle sticks? Have you ever wondered what happens if you were to arm wrestle a T-Rex? Or Sylvester Stallone?

Most likely not. Simply because the outcome wouldn’t even be interesting. Your dog could tell you … THAT, in each one of those scenarios, the final tally would be as lopsided as a rotten pumpkin — utterly noncompetitive and boring (unless one enjoys a massacre?).

Which brings us back to the sports car racing the Blue Angel on a runway in Pensacola, Florida. Which is what’s documented in the video below.

Price tag on the Chevy? $100,000. On the Hornet? $25 million.

Top speed on the ‘Vette? Just over 200 mph.

F/A-18? 1,400 mph.

Yeah so …

What you thought, right?

While the expensive auto has hundreds of super-charged horses living in its guts, the F/A-18 has 32,000 pounds of thrust in its afterburners, which if you did the rough conversion would make the car pale in comparison to Boeing’s versatile fighter.