Working all day on the George Washington Bridge — the grandiose, latticed link between Manhattan and Fort Lee, New Jersey — can be grueling, rugged labor. Especially in the late summer heat. So it’s not wonder these freewheeling, raw construction dudes would gasp and holler at the sight of the most famous flight demonstration team in all the world: the United States Navy’s Blue Angels.

Now, you have to understand, how you take in such a flyby while you’re literally straddling the NY/NJ line is a little different than in let’s say, oh, Peoria, Illinois. In the following clip, the language gets a tad blue, but if you’re cool with that then you’re in for a treat, because the sheer joy and enthusiasm about the elite naval aviators is something you can feed off for the rest of the day.

To be perfectly honest? It’s American as hell:

Foxtrot Alpha