If you or a loved one was a prisoner of war (POW), disability benefits and compensation may be attainable through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Checking on these benefits and claims can be done online, by clicking here. You also have the ability to check on eligibility as well as status.

To file a disability claim, for this specific cause or otherwise, go here.

The same website also contains a feature that allows you to message your doctor online (which can be done by clicking here) which can be useful during the application process, since a note is needed from a physician stating that you suffer from one or more of the conditions listed below (under “Conditions Listed That Affect Body & Mind”).

What You Need to Know About POW Disability

A veteran can get benefits if they have a current illness or injury that was caused by time spent as a POW. Their disability will be rated by the VA based on a system designed to measure severity. It’s based on studies performed on the long-term effects of captivity, trauma, deprivation and “cold injury.”

Conditions Listed That Affect Body & Mind

These conditions could have been caused after being held captive for any length of time or, for 30 days or more.

– Osteoporosis

– Lasting damage from frostbite

– Post-traumatic osteoarthritis

– A stroke or problems caused by a stroke

– Hypertensive vascular disease

– Neuropsychiatric condition

– Psychosis

– Dysthymic disorder

– Anxiety or PTSD

– Helminthiasis

– Peptic ulcer disease

– Chronic dysentery

– Irritable bowel syndrome

– Cirrhosis of the liver

– Avitaminosis

– Beriberi (including beriberi heart disease)

– Malnutrition (including optic atrophy connected to malnutrition)

– Pellagra


To get personal help with the process from an accredited representative, click here.