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For military veterans with service-connected disabilities, finding work that’s suitable can sometimes pose a real challenge. Positions one held in the past may no longer be appropriate, or practicable. Thankfully, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has something in place — often referred to as Chapter 31 — called the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program (VR&E) — that, through training and the exploration of many options, can get veterans back into the rhythm of a livelihood they can be successful at.

Additionally, through certain circumstances, even family members may be able to participate in this program.

Veterans & Service Members

To see if you’re eligible (there are different qualifications for veterans than active-duty service members) as well as apply (the green button reading “Go to eBenefits to Apply”) you can do so by clicking here.

The number of years separated from service and disability rating are among the factors to determine eligibility.

Family Members of Service Members or Veterans

You may be eligible to enter the VR&E program if you’re a dependent of a vet and you’re eligible to receive education benefits.

If approved, family members can get counseling and other benefits that can assist in their path to employment.

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You may see if one is eligible to receive VA education benefits by clicking here.

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