Omar Sixto, 72, a Vietnam veteran and Miami resident, was doing what millions of Americans do on a nice Sunday afternoon: working on his car. A beautiful 2000 Chevrolet Corvette. He was replacing the windshield wipers.

Then, WHACK.

Everything in Sixto’s world went dark. The lights went out.

“I just went unconscious. I never knew what hit me. I never knew. I don’t even remember how I got up. I was dizzy.”

When he regained his wits about him, he was covered in blood. His prized auto? Gone.

Shockingly, a thug had snuck up behind him in the driveway, knocked him cold, then jumped in his expensive ride, and sped off.

When Sixto finally received medical attention the reality of the beating was clear and devastating. He had a broken bone in his eye socket, a busted septum, a broken tooth and he needed 14 stitches for various regions of his face and head.

“A couple inches further in the brain, I would have been gone. It was a close call … I could have been killed.”

According to Inside Edition, before he suffered the attack, the vet did notice someone pacing across the street. But he said he didn’t look suspicious or up to anything, so he didn’t think anything of it.

The stolen car has a Florida license plate that reads “266LTW”. It’s red with a tan top.

If you have any information regarding this ugly crime, you can contact the Miami Police Department at (305) 638-6640.