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If you or someone you love is a military veteran recovering from a surgery (or surgeries) to take care of something that was related to service (service-connected disability) compensation and benefits may have been earned. This unfortunate rehabilitation stage is also known as convalescence.

How to Determine If You’re Eligible

First, you must be a veteran. Second, you must have had surgery (or a similar type of procedure) at a VA hospital, an approved hospital or an outpatient center for a service-connected disability.

If you checked “yes” for both of these, then see below, and if your situation falls into the following categories:

– The surgery had a recovery time of at least one month or there are reports that indicate it was a service-connected disability or the surgery brought on severe health issues like

  • Stumps of recent amputations
  • Surgical wounds that haven’t healed
  • Immobility due to casts or splints
  • Can’t leave your house (house confinement)
  • Being required to use a wheelchair or crutches

Even if surgery wasn’t part of your injury or ailment, you could still be eligible if you had one or more major joints immobilized due to a cast.

What Exactly Are the Benefits?

– Health care

– Temporary 100% disability rating

– Compensation, i.e. payments

Where Can You Apply?


Once you finish, you can check on the status of your benefits and compensation here.


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