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It’s a disorder that causes extreme moods or changes in behavior in thoughts. For years, it was known as “manic depressive disorder”, and today exists as one of the most commonly misperceived mental health issues.

Bipolar disorder.

Why is it so misunderstood? First off, no laboratory or genetic tests, or brain scans or multiple choice test can properly diagnose it. Secondly, because often times the patient suffering from it can’t realize that they are. Only through clinical interviews and observation — by an experience provider — can someone get an accurate diagnosis followed by effective treatment.

Thankfully, if you’re a veteran and you think there’s a possibility you’re suffering from this or something like it, there’s a door you may open.

Veterans (and qualified dependents) can get health care and compensation (payments) to help alleviate and treat various conditions, bipolar among them. The only qualification is that you must be able to link it to your service (either it was the cause or it made it worse).

How Do I Get This Care/Treatment?

Enroll in the VA health care system here.

Once you enroll or, if you’re already enrolled, connect with your physician to explain your symptoms (you can securely message them online by going here).

They can refer you to a specialist so you may get on the path to healthy, relief and peace of mind.



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