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According to a 2011 study, about a quarter of veterans being treated by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) through its health care system suffer from some form of diabetes. While a number of factors can contribute to the onset of this debilitating and sometimes life-threatening disease — old age, namely — diet and exercise are the ones that can be manipulated most easily to combat ill effects.

It’s why the VA pushes something called the MOVE! program, which can help vets plan diet and physical activity, in order to successfully lose or maintain their own weight. Because each person’s goals and physical makeup is different, the program tailors everything to that specific individual (a veteran) through group sessions, on the phone, and more.

To start the process, fill out a MOVE! dedicated questionnaire by clicking here.

Then, contact your primary care physician so they can help you with the implementation of it all — in addition to making sure it’s a healthy decision to do so.

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