If you’re currently utilizing G.I. Bill benefits to go to school and you’re having trouble with a specific subject or course, there’s a good chance the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can bail you out.

You can check on, or apply, to Post-9/11 G.I. Bill benefits online by clicking here.

Depending on a few things (you must be a veteran, for one) they may be able to help pay for a tutor.

How Do You Qualify?

– You’re in an educational program at half-time or more AND

– You’re taking a course that’s not easy AND

– You need to pass the course in order to graduate

How Much Money Is It?

It’s no more than $100 per month — and no more than $1,200 in total

How Do You Get It?

– Your instructor must agree that you need a tutor, and write and sign a letter to the school’s certifying official, which will also be included in your VA student file record

– The school will assign a tutor, and their hourly pay

– Upon completion of the course, you, your tutor and the certifying official must fill out and sign this form here.

For more information on the program, click here.