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A bill has been introduced by members of the United States Senate that would make it a whole lot easier for active-duty service members, reservists and veterans to get a commercial driver’s license (CDL), which legally enables one to operate large or heavy vehicles (like a tractor trailer).

The members of Congress who introduced the piece of legislation — known as “The Jobs for our Heroes Act of 2017” — were Senators John Cornyn from Texas, Thom Tillis from North Carolina and Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts.

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The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act of 2015 provided similar benefits for veterans applying for a CDL, according to Tillis’ office. The Jobs for our Heroes Act of 2017 would permanently extend those same benefits to those still in uniform.

Specifically, the legislation would make permanent a two-year exemption issued by the Department of Transportation that allowed states to waive the commercial driver’s license knowledge test for current service members, Reservists and National Guardsmen if they completed military training programs and had been regularly employed in a military position requiring the operation of heavy vehicles within the past year.

“The brave men and women that serve in the U.S. military learn a wide-range of skills applicable to jobs once they enter the civilian workforce, but too often face unnecessary barriers that make it harder for them to find jobs,” Tillis said in a release. “This legislation will eliminate burdensome red tape so our active-duty military, reservists, and veterans can receive the DOT-required health examination and use the experience they gained serving our nation to count towards the credit needed to obtain a commercial driver’s license.”

It’s also a bipartisan bill, as Tillis and Cornyn are Republicans, while Warren is a Democrat.

“We should make it easier, not harder, for members of the armed forces to be gainfully employed both while they are in the reserves and after they complete their service. The servicemen and women who have experience operating large military vehicles should be able to easily apply their skills and knowledge when seeing a commercial driver’s license, and this legislation allows for just that,” said Cornyn.