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For direct online access to VA benefits and resources, create an account here.

In an effort to improve veterans’ access to healthcare, the VA now provides the ability to contact doctors and other medical professionals directly, online.

Through a secure messaging service, current and former service members have the ability to communicate with their healthcare team via questions, concerns, and requests for information without having to call a phone number, go to the post office, or visit a doctor’s office or a VA facility.

All veterans have to do is make an online account with the VA then sign in, here.

After making an account, they can click on “Message Your Health Care Team” which will bring them to an inbox. On it, they can pick which of their doctors or other medical professionals they’d like to contact, compose the message, and send it off to receive a prompt response.

They can even use folders to organize their correspondence.

Again, all veterans have to do is make an online account with the VA, here.