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On Tuesday, the United States celebrated 241 years of existence, two centuries and nearly a half since the Declaration of Independence was penned on July 4th, 1776. One tight-knit community did so in a unique fashion — they threw shindig for a World War II veteran who just turned one hundred.

W.P. “Bo” Prewett, born the same day as our great nation, is a Marine veteran who fought in WWII, and served in the military for many years.

Prewett’s stomping grounds? Adamsville, Alabama. On Tuesday, the church he has attended for seventy years threw him a birthday party. He then had to get some rest and get up the next day to … be celebrated again. His senior center threw a shebang for him, too.

After a century, Prewett looks back on his life with pride and positivity.

“I’ve enjoyed it. I have enjoyed the last 100 years,” said Prewett in a report by WIAT. “I had a lot of fun when I was a kid.”

The report also shared the kind words of Prewett’s family, who confirmed that he has always lived life to the fullest by being caring and strong:

Prewett’s sons say they are so proud of their dad.

“He has been a great influence to us and for us,” said Bo Prewett Jr. “He’s cared for us and loved us, and everything.”

Tom Prewett also reiterated his father’s love for his children.

“He has been a wonderful father, loving father, and very instructional father,” said Tom Prewett. “But also, in addition to that, he’s a devout man.”