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Through the VA, qualified veterans and active service members can get all or a portion of their dental care covered.


VA dental care benefits work by assigning qualified veterans to a particular “class” that determines what coverage they are eligible for.

Depending on what class a veteran is in, some of the possible benefits include:

– All dental care

– Dental care required to maintain a functioning dentition (working set of teeth)

– Dental care needed to prevent disruptions to a vocational rehabilitation program

– Dental care for a condition that is making a service-connected disability worse

Types of Services Offered

– Regularly scheduled cleaning and x-rays

– Restorative procedures such as fillings, crowns and bridges

– Comfortable, well-fitting dentures

– Oral surgery such as tooth extractions

– Access to oral and facial reconstruction surgery resulting from trauma or serious illness


Check here for information about eligibility requirements and the specific benefits assigned to each class.

How to Apply

Veterans can apply for dental care benefits online by clicking here.