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In life, things get lost or stolen. Regrettably, military medals, awards and decorations — tangible honors meant to venerate the sacrifices veterans made to protect the United States — are no different. Like a wedding ring or a priceless family heirloom, they too can go missing forever.

That’s why the National Archives offers a link-packed resource online that can help veterans, family members or even the general public replace them. It also allows for requests to get service records (pre-1955 you have to pay, while post 1955 you don’t, per the Freedom of Information Act [FOIA)]).

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Once opened, you’ll see that the links are broken down by military branch, with the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard each executing this service separately. Simply click on the link for the branch the veteran served under.

Note: the replacement award, medal or decoration will come at no cost to the veteran.

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– The way a veteran can check the status of their claims and appeals has been streamlined, and can be found all in one place, by clicking here.