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For veterans seeking employment, or a recently separated service member who is trying to transition to civilian life, the VA provides various resources to help.

One of these many resources is a Résumé Builder, sponsored by The Veterans Employment Center (VEC). This is an online tool that helps veterans enter in their information and employment history, which is then automatically formatted into a professional résumé.

How it works?

– To start, click here to be brought to the Résumé Builder.

– In the form fields, you can input your information manually or click “Auto-Fill from LinkedIn” to have information populated automatically.

– Some of the sections provided include civilian skills, education and training, military service, work experience, and awards or affiliations.

– If there are any sections you do not wish to include, you can simply click “Remove Section” below, and it will not appear on your completed résumé.

– Once all the information is completed, you can preview the finished product, and then download it as a Microsoft Word document. From there, you can do any extra formatting edits that you see fit.

Using this tool, veterans can get an updated and professional résumé in minutes.

For more employment assistance, the VA also offers a Skills Translator, which takes your military experience and translates it to its equivalent in the civilian workforce.