For direct online access to VA benefits and resources, create an account here.

If you’re a veteran enrolled in VA health care and you’ve filed a disability claim (which can be done here) there’s going to be some wait involved. How long the wait will be depends, but either way, the status can be checked at any time, by going here.

If you’ve received notice that confirms your disability rating (a breakdown of the rating system is explained here) and our disability is at least 10%, you’ll receive your first payment (compensation) within 15 days.

If you don’t receive anything within this timeframe, call 1-800-827-1000.

If you don’t agree with the decision, you can file an appeal by going here (Note: the appeal must be filed within one year of receiving the decision).

To check on the status of an appeal once it’s filed, go here.

For access to health care, apply here.


For information and access to other benefits, including specific disabilities and ones with 100% ratings, as well as details on life insurance, education and dental care, click here.