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It’s estimated that about 70% of Americans over the age of 65 will need some type of long-term care in their lives, and the number is even greater when it comes to the military community. However, the cost of a nursing home (or a similar assisted living facility) can run into the hundreds of dollars of day — and that’s being conservative.

Thankfully, the Department of Veterans Affairs can help — at their own facilities as well as homes and centers they’ve inspected and approved. Specifically, with the following:

24/7 nursing and medical care

Physical therapy

Help with stuff like bathing, dressing, making meals, and taking medicine

Help with managing pain

Support with caregivers

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The approval process hinges on a number of different factors, including the presence of a service-connected disability, the location of the facility as well as insurance coverage.

Not all care is covered under the VA. That which isn’t may be covered with a copay, or through other programs, like Medicare or Medicaid.

To learn more about long-term care and assisted living — including nursing homes and homebound — click here.