He’ll be keeping the neighborhood safe … on wheels of steel.

Well, titanium, actually. And not wheels per se …


In 2011, as a United States Marine serving overseas, Matias Ferreira lost both his legs after he stepped on a hidden explosive in Afghanistan.

In 2015, he saved a baby from a car crash.

In 2017, the 28-year-old officially become a police officer, and a member of the Suffolk County’s force, after successfully graduating from their academy and passing all of their standards (a mile and a half run, for example) during the 29-week training course.

He starts work next week.

“I just really want to help people,” he told the Associated Press recently. “I want to be involved in the community, and the police department definitely allows you to do that.”

A Georgia native, he met his now-wife during a softball game in Long Island five years ago. They have a young daughter now.

Previously a steamfitter, he decided to take the police entrance exam on a whim, and aced it — a perfect 100.

The former leatherneck’s mindset is full of positivity — charm and energy that got him elected as class president by fellow academy recruits.

It’s a trait that allowed him to be so resilient and rise, rather than fall, after such a haunting setback.

Again, from the AP:

Ferreira was on patrol in Afghanistan on January 21, 2011, when he jumped off a roof in a compound suspected of being a Taliban post.

“As soon as I landed I knew something was wrong because it was like a movie almost. I heard a noise and everything went black,” he said. A bomb had gone off beneath his legs amputating both below the knees. “I just saw blood throughout my pants.”

He was evacuated to a local hospital. Within days, he was back in the U.S. being treated for his injuries. Three months later he was wearing prosthetic legs.”

Going into his exciting new career as a cop just outside New York City, there’s a question: is he worried about his disability, and how it’ll affect his performance?

Nope. Not really.

“If I break my leg, I go in the trunk and put on a different one and I keep on going,” he said.

Watch Ferreira graduate in front of hundreds (including his wife, Tiffany, and their daughter) in the following clip: