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Some images are impossible to forget.

A few years ago, at this same time, in New England, the images were harrowing. Two brothers, terrorists, had set off explosives in the crowd at the Boston Marathon. Innocent people, participants and patrons, were blooded by the senseless violence. Three people, including a young child, were killed.

Fast forward four springs, to now, and the triumphant figure of Earl Granville, a United States Army veteran who lost his leg fighting for America in Afghanistan, carrying a woman and Old Glory over the finish line at the same race — on a prosthetic limb.

In the past, the Pennsylvania native and decorated service member has completed marathons using a hand bike. But on Monday? He finished the mighty trek (26.21 miles) without it — on his own. And with a funny, almost-too-humble line.

“I don’t know what they’re inspired about,” Granville said, via Facebook, of the throngs flocking to him for a congratulatory embrace after he was done. “I’m walking.”

Incredibly, he wasn’t the only vet who inspired the crowd. Another disabled former serviceman, also running on a prosthetic, completed the stretch and crossed the finish carrying the American flag as well.

His name: Retired United States Marine Jose Luis Sanchez.

According to CBS, the old leatherneck was running for the Semper Fi Fund.