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An accredited representative is often associated with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) claims process. It’s as it should be, because they’re professionally trained in the area, and can deftly help veterans see to it that their claim is justly weighed.

But, that’s not all they can help a vet with.

Usually associated with a Veterans Service Organization (VSO), an accredited representative can also assist in the following areas:

Monthly payments (compensation)


Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E)

Home loans

Life insurance


Health care

Burial benefits

They can also get documents together — like an official report from a doctor, or medical test results. They can also file a claim on a veteran’s behalf.

You can file a claim yourself by clicking here. You can get download your health records by clicking here.

Traditionally, the assistance an accredited representative provides is free of charge.

To find one, click here and scroll down to the section “How do I find an accredited representative” — there are multiple options.