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Women have played instrumental roles in the American military since the Revolutionary War. But today, more than ever, the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) finds itself working harder to provide the specific service and benefits they need, and richly deserve.

Women’s Healthcare Services

Through the VA, women have access to both primary care and speciality services.Veterans can get access to these services through their VA primary care provider, who they can access online here.


– General care, like disease prevention and nutrition counseling

– Cancer screenings (pap smears, mammograms, etc)

Free and confidential counseling and treatment for mental or physical conditions


– Screening and management for chronic conditions (heart disease, diabetes, etc)

– Maternity care and other reproductive health services (including IVF)

– Prothetic and sensory aids

– Specialized therapies (physical, occupational, speech, etc)

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Center for Women Veterans

Since women are one of the fastest growing subgroup of veterans, the VA has created this program to provide information about women-specific programs and advocate for their recognition.

On their website, veterans can get access to information about healthcare, benefits, and legislation pertaining to women veteran’s needs.

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Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate partner violence (IVF) is also referred to as domestic violence, and involves the physical or mental abuse of one significant other to another. Due to the statistic that one third of women veterans experience IPV, which is greater than the experiences of civilian women, the VA provides resources to help.

On their website, they outline the signs of IPV to help women and their loved ones identify whether they are experiencing abuse. There are also hotlines provided to help women get out of their dangerous situation and seek aid.

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Military Sexual Trauma

Military sexual trauma (MST) involves sexual assault or repeated sexual harassment that occurred while a service member was in the military.

Veterans can get access to these services through their VA healthcare benefits and VA primary care provider, both of which can be accessed online here.

VA provided services for MST:

– Treatment under healthcare providers at every VA medical center or clinic

– Specialized outpatient mental health services, available at every VA medical center or clinic

– Professional counseling

– Gender-specific programs for veterans who need more intensive care

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*MST can happen to both men and women

Important Resources and Hotlines to Know

Veterans Crisis Line – 800-273-8255

Women Veterans Call Center – 855-829-6636 (855-VA-WOMEN)

Private support online with confidential Veterans Chat