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The G.I. Bill officially became a benefit for current and former United States military members in 1944 — a year before the end of World War II. Since then, it’s become famous as the law that pays for veterans’ college tuition.

But that’s not all it can be used for. Not even close.

Below are 33 additional ways the benefit can be used (by veterans, active service members as well as qualified dependents) that no one ever talks about. For each, it can not only help pay for the price of the training and/or education, it can also provide money for housing, books and other supplies.

Note: you can check to see what benefits you have remaining by going here.

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You Can Use Your G.I. Bill for These Non-College Degree Programs

– Automotive Diagnostics

– Barber or Beautician School

– Bible College

– Computer Training

– Cosmetology School

– Culinary School

– School to be a Dog Trainer

– EMT Certification

– Gemological Institute of America

– HVAC Certification

– Interior Design School

– Massage Therapy Training and Certification

– Maritime Institutions

– Nursing Schooling

– Trucking Driving School

You Can Also Put It Toward On-the-Job Training & Apprenticeships

This post lists 15 additional applications the G.I. Bill can be put toward, like training for a career in carpentry, or to become a firefighter.

The G.I. Bill Can Also Help Pay for Flight School

Read more about it here. It can pay for training and certification to become either an airplane or helicopter pilot.

How Do You Put G.I. Bill Benefits Toward These Training Programs?

Again, first check to see what benefits you have remaining. You can do that here.

It’ll also give you the option to view and print your Certificate of Eligibility (COE).

If you haven’t applied yet, you can do that here.

Once you know the amount you’re working with, find a local VA office and consult them with your plan to make sure the specific OTJ program or apprenticeship is approved. You can find a location and a representative here.

Once applied and coordinated, G.I. Bill payments will be issued by the VA monthly, upon your employer, union or school reporting your hours.

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