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There are over two million women military veterans living in America today, and each and every one deserves the utmost care.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides a number of health care services unique to a woman’s needs — treatments, examinations, counseling and other resources that can be utilized through enrolling in their system (which you can do online, here).

The following are benefits that, while maybe little-known, can improve the lives of millions of vets.

Women’s Health Services the VA Provides:

– Nutrition counseling

– Birth control

– Preconception counseling

– Menopausal support

– Screenings for heart disease and diabetes

– Maternity care and other reproductive services

– Treatment for sexual issues

– Incontinent issue treatment

– Screenings for cancer, like cervical and breast cancer (mammograms, pap smears)

– Mental health: substance abuse, PTSD, depression, anxiety

– Confidential private counseling for the mental and physical issues stemming from military sexual trauma (MST)

– Screening/management for STDs like HIV/AIDS and hepatitis

– Prosthetic limbs and other sensory services

– Post mastectomy items

– Physical therapy

– Occupational therapy

– Speech-language therapy

– Long-term care

– In vitro fertilization (IVF)

– Homelessness

– Intimate partner violence programs

To access these services, enroll in the VA health care system (if you haven’t already) by clicking here.

If you’re already enrolled, you may check on your benefits, the status of claims or appeals, get your health records, send a message to your doctor, refill your prescriptions and more through this link.

Fore more information on women’s health care, click here.