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Including current POTUS, there have been, in total, 45 Presidents of the United States of America. While the former real estate developer and reality television star is clean-shaven, many of his predecessors sported facial hair (some of it was absolutely absurd, i.e. Chester A. Arthur).

There’s one incredible thing all of these scruffy commander-in-chiefs had in common, however. And it wasn’t that they all lived in the White House or that they were white males — or something obvious like that. Religion wasn’t it, either. No, no, no, no. It was substantial and kind of fascinating — a “what are the chances!?” type of thing.

In case you forgot, here are all of them, in order:

(16) Abraham Lincoln: Did a nice job in office. Got a few things done. Rags to riches story.


(18) Ulysses S. Grant: Advanced military mind. Very cerebral. An incredible and vastly-underrated writer.


(19) Rutherford B. Hayes: If only he was as good at growing a beard as he was at being president.


(20) James Garfield: He was only in office for 200 days before being shot getting on a morning train in Washington. None of those 200 days did he spend not bearded, however. Kind of looked like Lenin in a weird way.

710px-James_Abram_Garfield,_photo_portrait_seated (1)

(21) Chester A. Arthur: Was it a beard? Or? Hmm? Whatever it was, it was … free.


(23) Benjamin Harrison: He “facilitated the creation” of the National Forests. Only a guy with legit facial hair could do that. Rugged. Brawny. Lumberjack-like?


(26) Teddy Roosevelt: While he doesn’t have it in this photograph, he had it. The “Rough Rider” himself didn’t have time or patience for a razor. He was too busy busting trusts and hunting enormous game.


Seven presidents. Seven “Leaders of the Free World” who wouldn’t know a can of a Barbasol if someone threw it at one of their Secret Service agents.

But, again, what did they have in common?

Give up?

They were all … REPUBLICANS.