In between popping pistachios while you flip from beach volleyball to gymnastics to steeplechase to dressage to field hockey to water polo you might have wondered: why is it that Brazil is the only country in South America that doesn’t speak Spanish? Why, oh why, do they speak Portuguese?

It’s a valid “pregunta”, and one that — in the short version — is answered by a few different olden elements mashing together. Those being Christopher Columbus, Spain, Portugal annnnd — wait for it! — YES! The military (of those respective countries, naturally).

It’s just like why does Sam’s Club offer a discount to those that served our country (verified military members get a free gift card, up to $25, with new membership and renewals — just click this link!) because: military. Plain and simple.

For the long answer for why Brazil speaks Portuguese, check out the clip below. It’s informative and visual and it’ll do the job just fine …