Here’s a comfortable slice of military trivia for you. A pleasant and cozy trite challenge for your marvelous mind.

What country is the soldier in the following photograph from? Hmm?

If you think you know or want to guess — take a stab at the thing in the comments.

We’ll EVEN hand you a few clues …

He’s not from Madagascar. And he’s not from Romania.

He’s also not from Panama (trick hint).

On patrol in North East Bamyian with Kiwi Team One, performing both mounted and dismounted patrols The NZ PRT Bamyan is tasked with maintaining security in Bamyan Province. It does this by conducting frequent presence patrols throughout the province. The PRT also supports the provincial and local government by providing advice and assistance to the Provincial Governor, the Afghan National Police and district sub-governors. Thirdly the NZ PRT identifies, prepares and provides project management for NZAID projects within the region. These are contracted to Afghan companies who hire local workers to assist with the completion of these projects. Thus each project provides new amenities, and also provides employment in the region.

We’ll update this post on Friday with the correct answer. In the meantime, type your guesses in the following comment section or on our Facebook page.

UPDATE: Here’s the answer (*drumroll*) …

New Zealand.