We’ve all heard of the 101st Airborne Division aka the “Screaming Eagles”, the 82nd Airborne Division (stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina) and even the 13th Airborne Division (around for only three years during World War II) … but the 32nd Airborne Division?

Sure, there’s the 32nd Infantry Division, and the 32nd Infantry Regiment (of which only the 1st Battalion is currently still active as part of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division) but airborne? A rough handful of Google searches will bring up nothing that specifically mentions it — until you drill down deeper, and bring up a now-defunct fictional television show that aired on Lifetime from 2007 to 2013.

It was called “Army Wives” and, what do you know? It featured a 32nd Airborne Division, stationed at the entirely make-believe “Fort Hope”, which was supposed to be somewhere in South Carolina.

That’s the active-duty division the bogus military faker — captured on the following footage by real American soldiers stationed at Fort Benning — claims after being confronted. According its source, Guardian of Valor, the legit military men (on leave in Springfield, Missouri) discovered the suspicious character, drove up and hit “record” when they noticed he was wearing an Army uniform, but had no name tape, or headgear.

Later on, he’s asked for his CAC card, but is unable to produce one.

See how the awkward meeting unfolds in the video below: