Some people would do anything to meet their idols. Most of the time, that means buying a ticket to the local comic convention and spending hours waiting in line to get an autograph, all while dressed up as your favorite anime character or superhero.

For Jonathan Wall of Utah, it meant posing as a member of Air Force Office of Special Investigations at Salt Lake City Comic Con last September.

Wall told convention organizers that he was an Air Force agent so he could get his hands on free VIP passes to the convention. His story was that he was searching for a fugitive hiding amongst 120,000 costumed event attendees and that he needed access to every part of the convention to conduct his search.

Why did Wall lie to get into the event? Probably so he could meet the convention’s most popular guests, such as Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell and Sebastian Stan from the Marvel franchise.

Despite his elaborate story and Air Force costume, convention security was not entirely convinced by Wall’s charade. They contacted the Air Force, which quickly confirmed that Wall was a sham. He was indicted Wednesday for impersonating a federal officer and making a false statement.