Some phonies never learn.

Do you remember this clown from a few weeks back?

Hard to believe, but he’s at it again — going around posing as a legit member of the United States Armed Forces (uniform and all) and conning businesses into giving him full military discounts.

According to the website Guardian of Valor, the imposter’s name is Michael Shoumake, and not only is he a valor-thieving fraud, he’s also a registered sex offender — with a record.

In the most recent video (shown above), he’s at a Walmart just outside Fort Riley, Kansas. He’s confronted by a suspicious patron (the guy holding the camera) and right away the faulty story Shoumake tries to construct quickly falls apart.

Perhaps the most crushing part of the footage is when he shows bus tickets he purchased with a military discount.

He didn’t earn it. Hopefully, that business comes calling for the money he stole from them.

But, if you are a LEGIT, REAL, AUTHENTIC military veteran or active service member, you earned your discount.

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