While it’s far from ever being acceptable, it’s at least understandable when you stumble upon a case of stolen valor from a poor soul living on the margins of society: a drifter, vagabond, a loner — someone struggling with mental issues, etc.

But when it comes from someone in the limelight, someone who’s famous and acted in big budget Hollywood popcorn pictures and made millions of dollars — in other words, a celeb? A celebrity? When someone who’s been blessed with so much money and attention and affection claims they’re IN the United States military when they’re not?

Wait, a minute. Huh?

That’s possible?

Apparently so, because according to a number of trusted news sources (including the New York Daily News and The Austin-American-Statesman, to name a couple) Shia LeBeouf — the former child actor and rising film star who starred in the Transformers and Indiana Jones franchises —  was arrested by Texas police in Austin Friday night for public intoxication and jaywalking. During which the 29-year-old, “thick-tongued” and slurry with glassy eyes, “went off” on the arresting officers.

In the middle of losing his sh*it, LeBeouf said he was a member of the National Guard.

Here’s a brief video of the incident (sadly, without any dialogue from Shia himself) video obtained by TMZ:

In the affidavit snagged by the News, the struggling thespian “became increasingly confrontational … verbally aggressive with Sgt. Jelesijevic throughout the stop, calling him a ‘silly man’ three times”.

With, let’s be honest, is a whole lot easier than trying to pronounce the officer’s name.

After the nutty incident, this is what Shia had to tweet: