These dudes HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING US. They’re celebrities making big bucks, performing their “art” on network television every single weekday night, getting free steak dinners and dry cleaning because strangers recognize their mugs BUT they JUST can’t help themselves, can they? What they have apparently isn’t enough because they proceed to rework a song that was famous like YEARS AGO and do it again to get favor from the masses AND JUST LOOK AT WHAT THEY DECIDED TO WEAR:

Come on now. They’re a few fake conjured brags about deployment and combat from stealing valor.


Good thing they can’t use their phony snazzy sailor outfits and dixie cups to grab savings from this crazy awesome military discount from Dell.

If they were, they’d raking in a cool deal when they haven’t earned a damn thing.

OH WAIT WAIT WAIT. That’s The Roots!?

We take it all back. Except for Fallon and Samberg. They can stick it.