In November 2015, we stumbled upon the story of 93 year-old Norwood Thomas, a WWII vet who had found his wartime girlfriend on Facebook and spoke to her for the first time in 71 years. Now Thomas will be traveling to Australia so he can finally reunite with her in person.

Thomas first met lost lady love, a British nurse named Joyce Morris nee Durrant, while stationed in England in 1944. They “clicked” almost immediately and spent the summer together. The two exchanged love letters throughout the war, but when Thomas proposed to Morris she rejected him. Afterwards they both married and had their own families on opposite sides of the globe.

“I think I fell in love with the way that she smiled,” Thomas said. “I’d always look at her and think, ‘My God, that is one, sweet girl.’”

Now a widower, Thomas reconnected with Morris over Skype. Morris explained that she only rejected his initial proposal because she believed that he had already married another woman, and she could not accept a proposal that would break up another family.

When Thomas’ story was first reported, it looked like he would never get to see Morris in person. Thanks to the donations of 300 people, the WWII vet was able to raise $7,500 to visit her. Air New Zealand also donated a roundtrip flight to Thomas and his son.

“I’m numb,” Thomas said to the Virginian-Pilot. “I have no idea what my emotions are going to be once we meet face to face.”

The two wartime lovers are expected to finally reunite on Valentine’s Day.