The award-winning PBS documentary program known as Frontline recently broadcast a piece about their intrepid journalist, Martin Smith, and crew reporting from inside the volatile and extremely dangerous country that is Bashar al-Assad’s current day Syria.

Here’s a clip of Smith and his team having lunch with a pro-Assad militia commander. In it, over kebabs and beer, he breaks down the awful truth about his nation, and who he deems the “scum of the earth” — his enemies who he claims sells women “from minority groups”.

He also goes onto let the reporter know who’s really behind ISIS: American leaders, the Zionist lobby, the Turkish secret service as well as funding from the Saudis and other nations. He calls the terror organization a “world project”.

He also has an interesting answer when asked about U.S. assertions that Assad is indeed a war criminal who’s killed thousands upon thousands of his own civilians.

To watch the fascinating documentary in its entirety, click here.