Keep your head down

Disclaimer: This might pull at your heartstrings a bit

In this TED Talk, Army veteran Wes Moore discusses life before the Army, military academy shaping his character, how coming home after war is no longer “normal,” and why saying “thank you for your service” isn’t enough. 

Moore joined the Army because college was expensive and then 9/11 changed his life. After experiencing life in combat and the strength of his troops, Moore gives this call to action hoping that we ask our nations service men and women about their stories. Wes breaks down what “thank you for your service” really means to him and what he would prefer to hear. 

“Thank you for your service” means:

  1. Acknowledging [our] stories
  2. Asking us who [we] are
  3. Understanding to strength that so many we serve have, and why that service means so much 

He also makes clear that when soldiers come home and the uniforms come off, that doesn’t mean duty is over. But as civilians we have a responsibility to give more to veterans than just a repetitious statement because the people millions of people who fight for us deserve understanding. 

Check out the video below: