No one knows its dress code more thoroughly than the military. Half of boot camp is spent learning how to properly fold, iron and wash the uniform, and the other half is spent earning the right to wear it. A crisp military uniform is a privilege, and our dedicated serviceman know there is no better outfit.

So why didn’t this New York bar understand that?

Over Memorial Day weekend, a female sailor visiting New York City for Fleet Week was turned away from the door of glitzy hotel lounge Top of the Standard. Why? Because her uniform was not fashionable enough to fulfill the establishment’s dress code.

Located at the top of the Standard Hotel, this luxury bar is known for attracting high-class patrons. Knowing this, the sailor and her family dressed to the nines so they could enjoy a fun, elegant night. For her family, this meant wearing a $400 blazer and dress shoes. For the officer, this meant donning her sailor uniform. Unfortunately, the bar bouncer and the hotel staff judged her spotless white uniform as a dress code violation.

While the sailor has not identified herself or made a statement to the press, her family members have not held back in expressing their disgust. On Facebook, one relative wrote, “Apparently being willing to die for your country isn’t fashionable enough.”

Ryan O’Connor, who was present in the party, told the press, ““We were all shocked and upset. This was Memorial Day weekend and walking distance from Ground Zero. This should have been a no-brainer. The fact that her uniform wasn’t labeled Versace shouldn’t have prevented her from going in. They need to have a greater sense of the bigger picture.”

The Standard Hotel has since released a public apology and invited the sailor back to the lounge, but has not confirmed whether the bouncer was fired or has resigned. Clearly, this hotel is not a veteran-friendly space.

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