In law enforcement vernacular, a ham sandwich isn’t two pieces of bread with a slab of smoked pork in the middle, it’s a gun sans fingerprints used by a crooked cop as a plant. They can toss it on a dead or disabled suspect to make it appear like the duel was pure self-defense, when it wasn’t.

According to newly-released documents secured by the National Security Archive, the United States government was going to plant the ham sandwich on/in the country of Iceland, only the sammy wasn’t going to be a gun. It was going to be a nuclear bomb. Many of them.

And just like the old dirty officer routine, no one was going to tell Iceland they had them hiding, secretly stored in their volcanic house.

Ultimately, as far as we know (and this is to be taken with a grain of salt), no nuclear ammo ever made it to the small island nation. Cooler/smarter heads prevailed on the matter, and the idea was dropped. One of these logical voices was the American ambassador to Iceland, Tyler Thompson:

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