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Is there a knot you just can’t get right? Rather than scouring diagrams for answers, the guys at ITS Tactical can show you how it’s done.

ITS Tactical, founded by Navy vet Bryan Black, is an online hub for security skills and information for the average American. The site’s reviews of tactical gear, how-to videos and long form features are written by former special forces members, military veterans and fitness experts.

One of ITS Tactical’s most popular series is the Knot of the Week. Since 2009, Black has walked Youtube viewers through the ins and outs of tying tactical knots. Viewers get a run down of how to tie a knot, what the knot is best used for, and how it rates in strength and durability. There’s no better resource when it comes to learning this skill.

Here’s a video teaching you how to tie a uni knot on a fishing hook.

And here’s another that breaks down how to use a monkey’s fist to weigh down a throwing line.